Peter Jonatan

Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator

Other Selected Musical Experiences

-       On campus experience (2009-2011)

Substitute accompanist for vocal lab classes (2009), Pianist and substitute pianist for project band (2010-2011), Pianist for rating audition rhythm section (2009-2011), Tutor for core classes (2010-2011), Berklee Student Ambassador (2010-2011)

-       Performed in Berklee Cafetaria with group called “Hot Fresh Man” (2009)

The group formed by Berklee freshman enrolled in Spring 2009, performing mostly original composition of its member.

-       Pianist, Arranger, Orchestrator and Organizer of my parents Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration titled “Give Thanks – Concert of Praises” (2008)

A tribute concert to celebrate my parents silver wedding anniversary, performed by 35-piece orchestra and John Paul II Indonesia Choir. The orchestra was formed with top musicians all over the Indonesia. Truly a remarkable experience of organizing a huge event, gathering the musicians, prepare all the parts and arranging / orchestrating at the same time.

-       Accompanist in various occasions of Indonesia Children’s Choir (PSAI) and John Paul II Indonesia Choir (2006-2008)

PSAI is a world class children choir that have traveled around the world as representative of Indonesia and its culture. John Paul II Indonesia Choir is a high quality Indonesian catholic choir that was part of John Paul II organization based in Vatican

-       Pianist, Arranger and Orchestrator of Ensemble Galilea (2004-2008)

Ensemble Galilea is a 25-piece chamber orchestra group that belongs to GKI Samanhudi, a well known presbyterian church in Jakarta. The group had been established for almost 15 years and had traveled throughout various places in Java island and Bali

-       Keyboardist of Bel Canto musical event “Phantom of The Opera” (2001) in Jakarta, Indonesia

Selected scene from musical “Phantom of The Opera” accompanied by 4 keyboardists (took the role of the orchestra) and 1 pianist.